My Bucket List

inspiration: needed to re-do it anyways...

Nikki's Bucket List

Part One | Part Two

Part One: Things to Accomplish, See, and Do.

1. graduate summa cum laude (DECEMBER 17, 2010!!!!)
2. skydive (October 19, 2009)
3. parasail
4. see a Broadway play
5. fall in love with my husband (some point in late 2011)
6. get married (March 15, 2014)
7. inspire somebody
8. change someone’s life for the better
9. learn to pogo stick
10. meet someone famous
11. write a song (Brooke and I have written 3 songs)
12. learn to play guitar
13. learn to play piano
14. be an extra in a movie (was an extra on a TV show - good enough for me - Oct 20, 2014)
15. scuba dive
16. go on a cruise
17. buy my dad a plasma TV
18. sail on a yacht
19. have a song written about me
20. ride the 5 tallest and/or fastest rollercoasters
21. road trip with friends (Route 66, perhaps?!)
22. find the job that makes me happy (Hawkes Learning Systems)
23. get kissed under mistletoe
24. get kissed on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2008/January 1, 2009)
25. read entire Bible (2010)
26. beat all the Guitar Hero games on expert:
a. Guitar Hero (beat Guitar Hero – December 3, 2008)
b. Guitar Hero II (beat Guitar Hero II - June 3, 2010)
c. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
d. Guitar Hero: World Tour
e. Guitar Hero 5
27. ride in a hot air balloon
28. learn to juggle
29. go white water rafting
30. get a tattoo (April 1, 2010)
31. go to a Super Bowl
32. go to a World Series
33. go to a hockey game December 4, 2010. (Preds vs. Hurricans w/ Jason Hart! Preds win 5-2)
34. go to the Kentucky Derby
35. go see a symphony
36. donate my hair to Locks of Love (November 4, 2010!)
37. bungee jump (i said i'd never do it, but here it is. on my list.)
38. run a 5K (August 7, 2010!! 31:08!!)
39. run a 10K (October 23, 2010!! 1:01:50!)
40. run a 15K
41. run a half marathon (April 16, 2011! 2:32:46)
42. write a book
43. learn to surf
44. learn how to say “Hello”, “My name is Nikki”, “How are you?”, “Please”, “Thank you”, and “The cheese is my friend” in 10 languages.
45. go paragliding
46. swim with dolphins
47. ride a mechanical bull
48. fly in a blimp
49. zipline (October 19, 2010!
50.go zorbing
51. see Northern Lights (aurora borealis) and Southern Lights (aurora australis)
52. ride the London Eye (even though I am terrified of Ferris Wheels…)
53. learn to crochet
54. learn how to make origami
55. build a Habitat for Humanity Home - i volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, although i didn't help build the house
56. plant a garden (and keep it alive)
57. ride in a submarine
58. experience zero gravity
59. try 5 new foods every yearpsh! i have an entire blog for all the new foods/restaurants i've tried.
60. help my cousins like my uncle helped me (financially)
61. learn a martial art
62. make $1 million dollars (I’m going to keep track of my paychecks and see how long it takes me to make $1 million dollars)
63. ride in a helicopter
64. see an active volcano
65. see a moose in real life
66. see a penguin in real life
67. stomp grapes at a vineyard
68. be on Wheel of Fortune!
69. hang glide!! :)
70. model on a runway.
71. learn how to "dougie" (August 2, 2010: Summer Bridge Program)
72. shower at a gas station (August 7, 2010 -- after my 5K)
73. do a triathlon!
74. go on a random weekend getaway. tell no one. just go.
75. run a trail race
76. dance in the rain with no inhibitions i do this quite frequently now :) i also enjoy splashing in puddles
77. sing karaoke (10-8-10: Fight Song Competition; sang the APSU Fight Song to the karaoke version of "Party in the USA" !!)
78. live outside the state of Tennessee (moved to South Carolina - Jan 24, 2011)
79. eat my way through Charleston
80. run a race in every state
  • Tennessee
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
81. eat a slice of pizza bigger than my head (see picture from Amalfi's) ;)

82. sponsor a World Vision child (Karen)
83. meet my sponsor child.
84. dance at an Indian pow-wow (Spokane mission trip)
85. live in a house on the lake
86. run a full marathon

Part Two: Travel

1. visit all 50 states
a. the Grand Canyon
b. the Seattle Space Needle
c. see the Seattle skyline from the ocean (Kerry Park was close enough!)

d. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Fran
e. Rocky Mountains
f. Times Square/Broadway, New York
g. Statue of Liberty, New York
h. Empire State Building, New York
i. Gateway Arch, St. Louis
j. Navy Pier, Chicago
k. Old Faithful, Wyoming
l. Plymouth Rock, Boston
m. Hershey, Pennsylvania
n. Cedar Point, Ohio
o. Monticello, Virginia
p. go on a carriage ride in Charleston
2. the “28 places to see before you die” according to the Smithsonian
a. Mesa Verde, Colorado
b. Pompeii, Rome
c. Tikal (Mayan ruins), Guatemala
d. Petra, Jordan
e. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
f. Taj Mahal, India
g. Easter Island, Chile
h. The Great Wall, China
i. Aurora Borealis, Alaska/Yukon
j. Serengeti, Africa
k. Iguazu Falls, Brazil
l. Machu Picchu, Peru
m. The Louvre, France
n. Zen Garden of Kyoto, Japan
o. Uffizi Gallery, Italy
p. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania
q. Yangtze River, China
r. Antarctica (sweeeeet!)
s. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
t. Grand Canyon, Arizona
u. Pagan, Burma
v. Parthenon, Greece
w. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
x. Ephesus, Turkey
y. Venice, Italy
z. Amazon Rain Forest, South America
aa. Great Barrier Reef, Australia
bb. Galapagos Islands
3. see Niagara Falls
4. scuba dive along the Great Barrier Reef
5. visit the Sydney Opera House
6. see the Outback
7. visit New Zealand and shear a sheep! =P
8. take a gondola ride in Venice
9. get kissed in front of the Eiffel Tower
10. visit The Louvre
11. visit the Acropolis
12. ride across Europe by train
13. take a tour of the Grand Canyon on a donkey
14. see the Vatican in Rome
15. visit the Easter Island heads in Chile
16. the Pyramids
17. Stonehenge
18. Big Ben and Buckingham Palace
19. Taj Mahal
20. walk on the Great Wall of China
21. visit a castle in Luxembourg
22. see the Berlin Wall
23. eat cheese and chocolate in Switzerland
24. ski the Swiss Alps
25. eat chili in Chile
26. eat turkey in Turkey
27. visit Victoria Falls