2013: dreaming big.

inspiration: looking forward to 2013

as i look back over this past year, i realize that i didn't quite accomplish all of what i had hoped in 2012.
but i have learned a lot and grown a lot :)

if i'm honest, i don't know what to "title" 2012. there was a lot of growth and a lot of change, but what else was it full of? i'm sure an adjective will come to mind eventually...maybe it will, maybe it won't. but i won't dwell too long on 2012 because i want to dream big in 2013.

here's the list so far...

twenty thirteen dreams:

  • Run a half-marathon the weekend before my 24th birthday.
  • Travel to a new state.
  • Go on a mission trip out of the country (potentially to Africa!)
  • Pay off one student loan.
  • Go parasailing.
  • Read C.S. Lewis' anthology.
I would also like to run more.
eat healthier.
travel more.
love more.
laugh more.
dream more.

but how do you define those goals?
for now, i will leave them as ambiguous things that i'm going to do.

i can't wait to see what 2013 holds for me.

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