About Me

The Important Things:

  • the name is Nikki
  • my nicknames include "The Little Asian That Could", "Nikki-ulus", and "Crazy Asian"
About Me
  • first and foremost, a passionate follower of Christ.
  • recent APSU graduate (Let's Go Peay!)
  • graduated Summa Cum Laude with my B.S. in Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • moved to Charleston, SC at the end of January 2011 to start my first "big girl job"
  • currently a web developer for Hawkes Learning Systems
  • "i manage the sales database" - that's my official unofficial job description.
  • sweet tea addict.
  • fluent in sarcasm and awkward comments.
  • i am as close to being 5 foot tall as you can be without actually being 5 foot tall.
  • my birthday is on April Fools Day
  • i have a crazy, sarcastic sense-of-humor.
  • i make jokes 24/7/364. i don't make jokes on my birthday cuz i am one. HA!

Random Nonsensical Facts

  • i enjoy making lists.
  • but more than making them, i like marking things off (hence, my bucket list)
  • when i laugh, i scrunch my nose
  • i'm a pretty bold person.
  • my favorite movie is "UP!" - although "Good Will Hunting" is a very close second.
  • i have a crazy obsession with penguins. it started when i was like 9.
  • i will pick a truck over a sports car anyday.
  • youtube addict.
  • i dance like no one's watching. even when people are.