Saturday, May 2, 2015

30 day push - days five, six, and seven

inspiration: 30 day push - days five, six, and seven

i have been busy and doing my 30 Day Push viewing late at night and haven't had a chance to blog, but i HAVE been doing them. so here is my catch-up blog :)

Day Five came a hard part: telling people who will be affected by our goals and establishing an accountability partner for our PUSH goal.

my push goal is: "I am a Diamond Beachbody coach by August."

For me, the important people who this will affect in my life are my husband and my dad. I have a BIG goal to bring my dad to Charleston, to be close to Holden and me and because he loves the beach. And for Holden and me, reaching this milestone will help propel us forward financially. There are a lot of financial perks to reaching Diamond, and while I'm not entirely in this business for the money and the swag, I do see it as being a stepping stone to more freedom. I love my job and don't intend to leave it anytime soon, but when Holden and I start our family, I want to have the freedom to be with them.

Secondly, we had to tell someone who will help keep us accountable. Honestly for me, I was nervous about reaching out to my upline, Amber, for accountability. I've been super overloaded and I knew that if I reached out to her, she will DEFINITELY keep me accountable! And if I went to her and then FAILED, I knew it would be tough. But I didn't chicken out! I told her my plans and it turns out that she wants the same goal (to be a Diamond coach) and needs accountability, too. So we're going to be in this together with another coach friend of ours!

Day Six was about how to create our to-do list and the vision for how this will save us focus on what is most important to be done and consistently help us reach our push goal.

Day Seven (today) was putting pen to paper and starting to create our to-do list. Chalene is ULTRA big on us using our smartphones for our to-do list. I currently use a to-do list app called Todoist for my work tasks and my personal tasks and I love it! I have it on my work computer, phone, and home laptop, and it syncs seamlessly between all three devices, which is a HUGE bonus! I just have to sit down this evening and put all my "PUSH tasks" in there and then make sure I'm spending time each day making sure that what's on my to-do list is accomplishable and will help me reach my PUSH GOAL!

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