Tuesday, April 28, 2015

inspiration: 30 day push - day three

today, it was all about them goals, 'bout them goals, no excuses.

Chalene challenged us to write down 10 goals that we hope to accomplish in the next 12 months.
goals that will challenge us and stretch us.
but that are authentic to us and are crazy cool (to use her terms).

i love sharing goals.
but this one was tough.
i can't just DREAM big; i was challenged to make MEASURABLE goals.
i tried to make them spread across multiple areas of my life (rather than focusing on one area):

these are written in the present tense because in 12 months, these are going to be true!

  1. i am exercising 5 times per week
  2. i am spending quality time with Holden at least once per week
  3. i am living in a house
  4. i have $0 in student loans in my name
  5. i am a Diamond Beachbody coach (goal date: August 31, as I will have been in the business for 1 year)
  6. i have outgiven last year's tithes and am a more generous person
  7. i have read 6 personal development books
  8. i have quiet time, reading and studying the Bible 4 days per week
  9. i have $5000 in my savings account
  10. i have been to Seattle with Holden

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