Monday, April 27, 2015

30 Day Push - Day One

inspiration: what i've been up to + 30 Day Push

So, it's been like FOREVER since I've blogged. It's been forever since I felt like I have something to share. But now, I'm sharing a short journey with you all and I'm excited!

Brief recap of what I've been up to lately, in case you're not my friend on Facebook:

  1. Got married in March 2014 -- celebrated a year of marriage a couple months ago
  2. Became a Beachbody coach! If you're wanting to start your fitness journey and need some support and accountability, I'm your gal!
  3. Ran my first full marathon (and probably my last!) on April 25, 2015
And now, for the true purpose of my blog: 30 Day Push by Chalene Johnson
Lately, I've been COMPLETELY bombarded with stuff.
Work. Beachbody. Running. Fitness. Being a wife. Church. Small Group. Personal growth.

All good things.
But at times, it's been overwhelming to try and prioritize things.
Everything seems so important.

I've also been trying to really push myself and stretch myself; not for the sake of adding more to my plate, but in pursuit of living a full and abundant life. I can use busyness as a badge-of-honor, but if I'm staying busy for the sake of being busy, what sort of purpose does that give me? I don't want to live a life of busyness. I want to live a life of fullness. And abundance. One of joy and purpose. To encourage and inspire others, too!

So that's why I've started really digging deeply into personal development.
I read The Compound Effect earlier this year and it has radically changed my perspective on the little things I do. My commute to work is about 25-30 minutes one-way. I can either listen to music/talk-radio for that hour of my day; or I can listen to educational podcasts/personal development each day. I can fill my head with entertainment gossip or something encouraging/inspiring/educational to help me grow. 

1 hour of personal development per day = 365 hours per year to refresh/renew my mind in a positive way rather than filling it with superficial drivel.

So I've been choosing podcasts: Freakonomics and The Chalene Show are my current playlist fillers.

And over the weekend, I decided to give 30 Day Push a try!
It's from Chalene Johnson and it's meant to be a 30-Day Challenge to help you become more organized so that you can ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!

I'll be blogging about my 30 days and I hope that you'll join me, too! The video clips are short (about 10 minutes per day) and come with a homework assignment to help you PUT PEN TO PAPER and help you TAKE ACTION towards your goals!

Want to join me:

Day One: Rating the areas of my life on a scale of 1-10:
  • Physical Health: 8
  • Emotional Health: 8
  • Environment: 5
  • Financial: 5
  • Leisure/Fun: 6
  • Friends/Family: 7
  • Significant Other: 8
  • Purpose/Career: 8
  • Personal Growth: 8
  • Spiritual Growth: 6
How would you rate these areas of your life?

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