Wednesday, April 29, 2015

30 day push - day four

inspiration: 30 day push - day four: identifying my PUSH goal

today's topic was a GOOD topic, but also a challenging one for me.
Chalene invites us to identify our PUSH goal -- what is the ONE goal (or two goals) that, when we reach it, will PUSH us forward and help us to reach more of our other goals.

this was tough for me.
as soon as she mentioned what a PUSH goal was, i knew which one that was for me.

Of my 10 goals, this is the goal that is going to STRETCH me the most.

I am a Diamond Beachbody Coach.

This is the goal that is going to stretch me and challenge me the most.
But it's also one that opens a lot of doors of opportunity for me, too.

i'll be honest.
this one is hard.
being a beachbody coach isn't about being a fitness/health expert.
i'm just an ordinary person, staying accountable to my health/fitness goals (eating healthy, working out, drinking Shakeology, and promoting a healthy lifestyle) and encouraging and helping others do the same. yes, i am physically fit. but i still have to work hard to stay in shape and to stay healthy. i need support and accountability, too.

but being a beachbody coach is about building relationships and about selling products. i'm not a salesperson, so it's been hard to gain the confidence to invite people to join me. so this goal is one that will require me to stretch.

i know over the next few days and weeks, i'll be learning how to create a measurable action plan and you can bet i'll be praying over my business and my success!

If you're following Chalene's 30 Day Push, what is YOUR push goal??

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