Sunday, January 26, 2014

celebrating on a hard day

inspiration: mom's 55th birthday.

i was looking at my mom's facebook page last night and came across this picture. it's almost two years old, but was probably one of the last pictures anyone took of my mom. today she would've been 55.

my mom is in the blue shirt, sitting on the couch next to my grandmother (my dad's mother). my dad is on the right and my aunt (dad's sister) is in the front.

today is much harder than i expected it to be. three years ago (jan 24th), i moved to charleston. and i love it out here. the Lord has granted favor to me in this place and i'm so thankful. but today is the first time i really wish i could be at home in tennessee. my dad is there celebrating alone and i know that he is heavy with sadness as well.

my mom was always really good at being optimistic. even though she encountered a lot of rough days, she was a positive woman. you could talk to her on the phone and not even know she was sick. she wouldn't complain and she wouldn't tell you that she was getting worse. but she was. i miss her dearly today.

last week, my dad sent me a letter from their dentist:
"I was so sad to read about Wanda's death. I always enjoyed taking care of her over the years. Just wanted to tell you about her last visit. I had some extra time that day and we spent at least 15 minutes just talking. There is not another mother who is more proud of her daughter than Wanda. We spent the whole time talking about family. That's what I will always remember about Wanda."
i think i always took that for granted - how much my mom was proud of me. but it's in times like this that i know how obvious it was how much my mom loved her husband and daughter. every person who knew my mom knew how much she loved us and though today is tough, it's the little things like this that make today a day worth celebrating.

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