Monday, November 4, 2013

just a few thoughts.

inspiration: just some random thoughts floating about...

This has no real order or purpose, but wanted to give a few updates and praises.

  1. The most common thing I'm asked is how wedding planning is going: It's ... going.
  2. The second most common thing I'm asked is am I excited: DUH!
  3. Holden and I just finished pre-marital counseling and it went really well. He and I had some good conversations during the counseling sessions and we've had good conversations as a result of pre-marital counseling. 
  4. I've realized how important reading and running are to my sanity. Currently re-reading The Circle Maker and also reading Ender's Game.
  5. Weddings are expensive, even when planning on a budget.
  6. Holden and I are leading a small group for Seacoast's "NEXT" series. I'm excited about this and praying that the Lord will use this time to prepare us to lead another small group after we're married.
  7. I bought bowling shoes a few weeks ago and I'm hoping to buy a bowling ball in the next couple paychecks (It will smell like birthday cake. True story).

Also, in honor of November being the month of thanks:

November 1: I am so thankful for grace; thankful that God loves me too much to let me stay where I am; thankful that He has a plan for me.

November 2: I am thankful for Holden; thankful that the Lord blessed me with a man who will lead me, fight for me, encourage me, and push me to be all that I am created to be.

November 3: I am thankful for my family and the family I'm gaining in a few months; thankful for their support, encouragement, and love.

November 4: I am thankful for my job; thankful that even though it's hard at times that I can work for a company that's innovative and forward-thinking; thankful for awesome co-workers and a fun environment that's pioneering education.

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