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"See what had happened was..." - My engagement story

inspiration: i'm getting married!

I can't believe it!! But before I get too ahead of myself, I just want to share some pictures with the story.
(NOTE: I have a basic phone so my camera quality is ... lacking. But hoping you will look past the poor quality of some of the pictures and notice the high quality of the story that Holden and I have :))

Our story starts far before we were dating and before I even knew who Holden Hughes was.

May 2011
I had decided to take on one year of not dating. I knew in my heart that relationships were an idol to me. so I decided to change my thought process and change my focus from "Who is the person God created for me?" to "Who is the person God created me to be?"

It seemed easy enough, after all, there were no guys really chasing after me.

October/November 2011
Enter Holden and Ryan.
I was at theWell one Thursday night (as was customary for me). I don't remember what I was doing, but I remember I was alone, otherwise, I may not have noticed them. Two guys who were dressed really nicely walked through the doors. I remember thinking "They're dressed up...they don't come here" (Turns out they were Citadel cadets, hence the blazers and dress pants). So I walked over and introduced myself:

"Hi. I'm Nikki. Or you can call me Crazy Asian since that's what's on my nametag".
...seriously. That was the first thing I ever said to my fiance. And it was really the only thing that I said to him that night. I mostly talked to Ryan. Holden was pretty quiet (which, I know now because he really did think I was crazy. He was right ;))

I introduced them to a couple other people, invited them to sit with us during the service, and then afterwards we parted ways. They came back several times to theWell and one night after service, I came home and found them on Facebook (I know, I know! I'm a creeper. But like you've never done it! ;)). The next morning, I had a message from Holden:

Hey Nikki! I just wanted to say thank you for being on top of the ball when you're doing your job as a leader at Seacoast. I probably would not have come back if you and Brittney did not make Ryan and I feel so welcomed. I honestly can't get enough of the services. In one way or another the messages keep hitting home for me. I really did need this place, and I'm thankful. Keep up the good work you do, and I will catch you there next time!

A couple weeks later, there was a worship night for all of student ministry and Ashley and I went and met up with Holden and his roommate Jonathan. It was awesome. Afterwards we went to Waffle House. And in a corner booth at Waffle House is really when the story of Holden and Nikki begins. We had a great conversation and at the end of the night, we exchanged numbers and started texting.

(Side Note: This has been the site of multiple "date nights". We still love this place.)

He asked me out the following Monday to which I honestly replied that I wasn't dating and had no intention of dating until that following May. I told him I wanted to focus on my relationship with Christ first-and-foremost, but that I wanted to get to know him as and hang out as friends. So we did.

February 2012 at a Mardi Gras event downtown.

March 2012
So I didn't make it through the one year, but after a lot of prayer and a really long "DTR" talk with Ashley, I accepted the fact that Holden and I were already dating, even if not Facebook-official. I had a long talk with Holden about my intentions if we did choose to officially date. We started officially dating on March 11, 2012.

August 2013
Fast forward many months, seventeen to be exact.

It's a Sunday morning, I hadn't seen Holden much over the weekend. He and I had separate Friday night plans, I spent part of the afternoon with him on Saturday, and we went to church separately on Sunday since I had to be at work at 2. I missed him and wanted to see him and talk to him, particularly about the sermon from church, so I texted him while I was at work and told him my break was at 6 and I wanted to talk to him. So at 5:45, he calls and says he is on his way and will be there around 6:10.

I heat up my dinner and walk outside a little after 6, just as he was pulling in. We walk to a table out front and I go to sit down. He says "Wait, don't sit down yet, just stand up here". I'm confused, but it is under some trees, so I just thought maybe he saw something that I didn't. But then he starts to look up at the trees. Again, confused, I look up. And when I look back down, he is getting down on one knee and pulling out a box. In my head, I'm thinking "OH MY GOSH. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!"

He asks, "Will you marry me?"
I respond (in Crazy Asian fashion), "Are you serious?!"
He laughs and says, "Yes, I'm serious".
I remember his hands shaking. He was so nervous, but it all went away when I said "Yes!"

After he put the ring on, I just kind of stood there, holding him.
First, he asked "Are you crying?" and I said "No." (I wasn't. Just still slightly in shock).
Then he asked, "Are you going to kiss me?" (which I did).

Phone calls and text messages began as did posting photos to Facebook. Then, I had to go back to work.
The guys that were there congratulated me, and Mike said "I wonder what's going to happen on my break!" (so now the joke at work is that I'm going to go on break one day and come back married. Lol)

So yeah, that's what happened.

Our past is written.
But our future is wide-open.
I still ask myself "Is this real life?" when I look down at my hand.
And the answer is always "Yes!" :)


Holden is 18 inches taller than me.

I met his family on December 23, 2011. Holden and I had gone to the Christmas Eve service at Seacoast and were sitting at Waffle House (same booth, actually) and his mom or dad called. He invited me to spend the evening up there with them. I did. I played Dance Central on the Kinect with his mom and sister. Fun times.

Our first kiss was at midnight on New Years 2012. His family was shooting off fireworks in the backyard and we were inside watching Despicable Me.

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  1. Thank you for your truly helps me in what I'm going through. I feel forsaken....heartbroken.....and alone. I have a guy friend who I see as my husband but our paths are not aligned and it has been heavy on my heart. I pray and pray about it....last night I gave it too God....and doing my best to trust in God's will for my life. Whatever happen to your ex, if you don't mind me asking?