Sunday, June 30, 2013

before i go....

inspiration: four days until i'm on a plan bound for africa.

i feel as if i haven't really fully processed what's about to happen.
the thought hit me like four point six seconds ago: i'm really about to do this.

i just got home from my team's final meeting - our packing meeting.
we arrived with our bags (only allowed 25 lbs). we weighed. rearranged stuff, unpacked stuff, repacked stuff. then we filled our bags with candy, bubbles, crayons, books, all sorts of things that we will give to the kids and families while we're there. we packed and weighed some more.

but this is it.
my bags are literally packed for an amazing trip on which i'm about to embark.

Friday, June 7, 2013

a mighty fortress

inspiration: fortress, stronghold, refuge

about a week ago, i felt the Lord speaking to me through words like "fortress" and "stronghold" and "refuge".
ive been going through Scripture and finding where these words are used. so far, i've come up with 13 verses (and i'm still searching) that have really given me strength.

    • a military stronghold
    • a heavily protected and impenetrable building
    • a place that has been fortified so as to protect it against attack
    • a place were a particular cause or belief is strongly defended or upheld
    • a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble
    • something providing such shelter

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

trial by fire.

inspiration: refined like silver

so update.
i'm leaving for Kenya in ONE MONTH!! so excited.
i still need to raise $700ish (our costs went up).
if you'd like to donate, go to, select Pay as Guest and choose my name.

but in other news, i've been held to the fire, lately.