Saturday, January 19, 2013

blog coming soon.

inspiration: i miss writing on my blog.

so, the last 2+ weeks have been interesting.
definitely want to blog about my daniel fast experience thus far :)

but one quick thing that i've realized in doing all this: fasts change you spiritually and physically.
i'll blog more about my spiritual journey later, but i've realized just how beneficial doing a fast is.

i've had to be much more intentional about my food intake and what i'm eating.
i began this fast in a worrisome state because i didn't know how fasting (without meat, primarily) would affect my training. i worried about getting enough protein and carbs. but now that i've been eating fresher produce, no meat, no carbs, no processed food, no sugar, i'm feeling better, therefore, i'm running better, and because i'm running better, i'm more confident! i ran 2 miles in 18 minutes yesterday! that's 1 minute per mile faster than my average pace!

God has revealed great things to me so far this year and especially through this fast :)
while i do miss meat, dairy, and bread, i believe that after this fast, i will still try to eat as organically and as vegan as i can, knowing that God will give me strength to overcome cravings for sweets and such.

can't wait to unload all of what God has revealed to me so far!
but for now, i must run....literally. four weeks into my half-marathon training!

I can do all things through Christ! :)

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