Sunday, December 30, 2012

engaging the present, creating a future

inspiration: a message that has been recurring over the last 2 weeks.......

last night, i went to the last service of 2012 at Seacoast Church.
we had a guest speaker, Naaem Fazal from Mosaic Church and he gave a powerful message about how to start 2013 off in the right way.

  • Reconcile your past --> don't dwell on the past, but begin to move forward
  • Engaging the present --> don't just wait around for life to happen, truly engage in where God has you now
  • Create your future --> accept the promises of hope and a future from God

now to back up a little bit...
i've been struggling with where i am for a while now.
in my relationship with God and in my relationship with Holden, i've fallen into the "comparison trap"; but for the last two weeks, i've heard the same message over and over and over and over again:

Don't define success by your expectations, define it by God's promises.

Don't just let life happen while you wait for the next big thing, bloom where you are planted now and you will reap a great harvest down the road.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

for nothing is impossible with God

inspiration: my current Facebook status: not going to lie: i'm a hot mess after this morning's service. i got attacked from all angles in my relationship with a good way :D

it's been a long time since i cried in church - not like *sniffle sniffle choke back a tear or two* (i've done that plenty) - but like full on "i'm a hot mess sitting here in my chair" cry session...

but today's message was powerful and hit me in a lot of different angles.