Sunday, November 25, 2012

amazing grace. how SWEET the sound.

inspiration: having Luke 15 pounded into my head and heart today.

this morning, Holden and I went to the Dream Center campus of Seacoast.
He and i love going there for the atmosphere and the worship, and as always, to be fed by the teaching staff!
it's amazing how comfortable you can get, even when you're in the presence of God.

but i digress...

this morning, there was a guest speaker: Brady Boyd from a church in Colorado Springs.
he preached on the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15.
but as i mentioned, the same thoughts have been pounded in my heart and head today.
after spending most of this long weekend with Holden and his family for the holidays, i came home and opened my Bible study...and lo and behold, i was studying Luke 15 again.

every time i hear and read this story, i'm reminded of the power of grace.
the power of God.
the love He has for us.
how He rejoices when we return.
and how the angels rejoice when we repent!

i look at my relationship with Holden and praise God for the amazing grace that He has shown to both of us.
there are things in both our lives that we've had to repent from, deal with, and learn hard lessons.
but i look back and realize that God was waiting for us to turn from our prodigal lifestyles, much like the father in the parable.

i know for me, i, like the Son, "rehearsed speeches" to earn my way back into God's good graces. i felt like i had to do good things and not sin in order to be on the "good" list.

but God was always waiting for me to return.
He was knocking.
all I had to do was answer.

amazing grace.
how sweet the sound.

Heaven rejoices when we repent and return home.
there have been plenty of celebrations in my name...i'm broken and messed up, but i love how Brady put it this morning: God stands at the door of our homes and knocks and waits for us to answer the door. And our house doesn't need to be clean because He doesn't judge us for our messes; He simply wants to help us clean them up.

i've made plenty of messes.
i've turned down the wrong road many times and lost my way.
but i'm thankful that He rejoices when i turn down the right path.
i'm thankful that He doesn't forsake me when i leave Him.
and i'm thankful for His grace!

what are you thankful for?

side note: just read this blog post that i wrote over two years ago.
thankful and praising God for the work He did in me that night.

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