Friday, November 2, 2012

30 days of thankful: days 1 and 2

inspiration: it's time for me to reflect on things i am thankful for

yesterday, i posted on facebook and twitter that i am thankful for my boyfriend, Holden.
and today, i am thankful for my family.

over the course of this blog, i've written about heartache, becoming healthy as a single person, and now i can truly reflect over the journey and embrace the trials that singleness brought. it took a long time to overcome some of the pain and guilt that i experienced during college in the relationship with my ex.
and the more than two year period of singleness had its ups and downs as well.
seeing friends enter into relationships and get engaged and married.
it all was very hard.
i had to intentionally focus on my relationship with Christ.
i had to intentionally focus on who i wanted to be rather than who would fulfill me.
but i am thankful God blessed me with an amazing boyfriend.
i wasn't looking.
i was just serving at theWell.
i was content where i was in my singleness.

for nearly two years, i fought the demons of "you'll be single forever" because i know me. i'm crazy.
but God knew what He was doing - He was molding me into the woman that He needed to be for His kingdom and preparing me to be the godly woman that Holden would need.

i'm also beyond thankful for my family.
they have raised me and helped shape me into the woman i am today.
through thick and thin, i know they will love me unconditionally.

there have been rough moments in my relationships with my parents, but no matter what, they've always supported me. everyone always says they have the best parents.
but i know the truth: it's really my parents.

from my parents, i learned the true meaning of love.
from my parents, i learned to always be true to myself.
from my parents, i learned how to handle trials.

and every lesson i've learned from them, i plan to pass to my children.

what are you thankful for?

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