Wednesday, October 24, 2012

you glow brightest when you're broken

inspiration: "Miss Me" by Andy Grammer

while i'm not usually one for breakup songs, i will admit, i love this song and video.
i'm a huge andy grammer fan.
i love his music and his voice.
i saw him live a few months back when he opened for Gavin Degraw and he put on a great performance!!
but one of my favorite things about this music video in particular is the symbolism in the music video:
just like a glow stick (or a minion from Despicable Me)

you glow brightest when you're broken

breakups suck: it's an inescapable fact of life.
but for me, a breakup propelled my life forward in a long string of events that are only attributed to God's infinite grace!

  • it started this blog
  • it led me to a desire of a life full of adventure and trying new things
  • it led me into a deeper relationship with Christ
  • which led me to Grace Community Church
  • which led me to the Denleys
  • which led me to Hawkes
  • which led me to Charleston
  • which led me to Seacoast
  • which led me to theWell
  • which led me to meeting Holden
and while so much more has happened in between the timeframe of those bullet points, the most important thing that came out of that was my deepened relationship with Christ and i'm thankful for that.

while you should never discount the pain and grief of a breakup, it's encouraging to see the life you can have beyond the breakup. for all the characters in the music video, it led them to the rooftop with Andy Grammer (if that's not encouraging, then i don't know what is ;))

and trust me, i know what it's like to not be able to do that.
it genuinely took me about a year to really process the pain, anger, guilt, and grief i had over the relationship, but it's amazing to look back and to go back and read posts that i wrote when this blog first started, and to see where God has brought me.

but being broken makes us stronger.
it gives us hope.
it allows us to really glow.

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