Sunday, October 21, 2012

where in the world is ... nikki?

inspiration: my blog presence has been sparse.

so, for the last few months, i've been a busy-bee.
not in a bad way, but now, i realize how far away from my blog i've gotten.
while it sounds weird: "why is she so worried about her blog?", for me, blogging = time processing God's work in my life. i've been so unintentional in taking time to 1) be in God's word and 2) processing God's work in my life, that now i feel a huge void in my life.

So it's time to fill it once again with intentional time with God and intentional time blogging.
i am not going to allow myself to become legalistic about reading and writing.
but i am going to tune in closely to the things God is placing on my heart.

last night, at Seacoast, Josh Surratt preached about how to push through and achieve our goals despite distractions, discouragement, and fear. We've been in a series called Re:Build focusing on the book of Nehemiah.

lately, my goal has been to cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ.
and the thing that has been the biggest impediment in this hasn't been discouragement from others or fear of what may happen, but distractions!

last weekend, some friends and i had the opportunity to go camping. our campsite was void of cell phone service and internet access (the woods don't have Wi-Fi or 3G after all ;)) - so for nearly three days, i had my cell phone off. i was the most unplugged and inaccessible that i have been in a really long time. and it was wonderful.

but as soon as i got back within cell service and 3G coverage, you can believe i was just as consumed as i had been before. only this time, with God's voice in my head and in my heart saying "nikki, don't you wish you were back in brevard so you could be closer to Me again?"

but since i'm not in brevard, i have to tune out the distractions and white noise around me to hear His voice clearly again. for me, this means a facebook fast, first and foremost. this may be two days, this may be two months. long enough for me to make spending time with God a habit.

i've also had to cut out a huge part of my life - my small group.
don't get me wrong, being surrounded by godly believers and pouring into one another is essential to the life of a healthy Christian, but this particular commitment was proving to be more "give" than "take" in my life; i do have other sources of accountability and godly partnership, so i felt it wasn't a bad decision to step out for a while.

for me, "being busy" is the biggest excuse i've been using to justify my lack of intentionality with God.
but i'm not "too busy" for my boyfriend.
i'm not "too busy" for my friends.
i should not be "too busy" for Christ.

  • Check out our ReBuild series
  • Is something keeping you from achieving your goals? Perhaps it's distractions? discouragement from others around you? fear of what might happen or of failure or of appearance?
  • If you're distracted, what are the things that are keeping you from achieving your goal?
  • If you're discouraged, from what or whom do you need to tune out?
  • If it's fear, what are you afraid of? Be honest and prayerful to God. Ask for His help and His guidance. He loves to bless his children :)

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