Tuesday, September 25, 2012

how do i identify myself?

inspiration: theWell and Ernest's message last night

I love theWell.
its so refreshing to go and be with my friends and to learn about God consistently on a Monday night and especially to know that I'm in the middle of God's will when i serve there. God answered prayers mightily and has been working in incredible ways! we've been downtown for a month now and have seen multiple salvations!

last night's worship was incredible.
honestly, sometimes I go to service and sing the songs with a heart that is half-full. I'm singing the songs and praising, but only because I want God's blessings; but last night, I was fully head-to-toe all about singing and praising and being filled with God's presence! it was powerful.

"at the cross, You beckon me
Draw me gently to my knees
and i am lost for words, so lost in love
I am sweetly broken, wholly surrendered"

I was sweetly broken and wholly surrendered last night.

and then Ernest gave a message that spoke to me to the core.
he asked us about who we are and how we identify ourselves.

I identify myself as Nikki.
I'm a Christ-follower.
I'm a daughter, friend, girlfriend, co-worker.
I'm the crazy asian.
I'm a runner (when I feel like it) a web developer.
a nerd.
an optimist.

I know who I am.
but there are times when i lose sight of who I truly am: a daughter of the Most High!

Ernest talked about Peter and how he identified himself a lot with what he accomplished. he also mentioned that most times, that's how guys identify themselves. and i know I'm not the only female exception in this, but this is where I struggle most in my identity.

I want to do big and great things.
I want people to remember me.
but i also have to remind myself that its not about what I do.
but who I am.

last weekend, a pastor at Seacoast and volunteer at theWell, Dan Chritton passed away. and everyone I heard who knew Dan talked about his character and integrity because he was truly a man of God.

and that's what I want to be: a woman of God.
I want that to be my identity.

years from now, I wonder if people will remember be as the crazy asian who did random things...things that were fun but had no eternal value. or as Nikki,a woman after God's own heart, who served and invested in others. who cared more about those around her than herself. a woman who loved God above all else.

I want that to be my legacy and identity.

how would you identify yourself?

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