Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ever had one of those days...

inspiration: it has been one of "those" days.

if you're anything like me, you've had one of "those" days.
a day that's not bad.
but it's just not "right".

i spent an awesome day yesterday with my boyfriend and some of his family.
we drove to Columbia and kayaked out on lake murray.
it was beautiful.
(i also came to the realization that i want to have a house on the lake one day ;)).

but today, ive been in a funk.
i just feel like im not doing "enough", yet at the same time that i'm doing "too much".
but i was window shopping on barnes&noble's website and came across a book cover entitled "You're Already Amazing". i only read the back cover, but was also instantly reminded of this photo someone posted on Facebook.

i actually also went so far as to write down all of these adjectives.
i needed the affirmation that i'm loved.
that i'm beautiful.
that i'm enough.
that i'm HIS!

i needed to be reminded that no matter how i feel about myself, that i'm always loved by my heavenly father.
in His eyes i am precious because He made me.
He has plans for me.
He loves me.

i needed to be reminded of all these things today!
did you need to be reminded of anything?

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