Thursday, May 31, 2012

what if he is right....

inspiration: Ernest's blurb about apathy.

tonight, we had theWell at the beach - beautiful night (until the bugs came out, that is). we had food, volleyball, fellowship, a bonfire and s'mores, all the makings of an epic night, really.

we worshiped some and Ernest spoke about the biggest problem he sees our generation facing: apathy.

maybe he's right though.
there are a lot of problems my generation faces.
off the top of my head, I would say obesity, divorce rates, lack of proper communication due to social media and technology.
but I think Ernest is right in a huge way, too.

I look at my life over the last few months and I wonder sometimes, "am i doing what God is calling me to do - am I passionate about Him or am I just complacent and maybe even apathetic with everything"

I look at things like church.
and my job.
and my boyfriend.

if God was calling me somewhere else, would I truly be willing to joyfully and passionately be able to follow that calling? I wholeheartedly believe that God has called me to Charleston and to Seacoast and to Hawkes and to be in a relationship with Holden, and i wouldn't still be in these places if i didn't have spiritual peace about these things. but just in general. I wonder if i have grown too complacent here?

because I'm enjoying the fruit of my life, has it made me blind to the needs of others.
in areas of serving and outreach, the way i spend my money and time.
have I become so introspective and focused on me that I'm apathetic to the needs of others?

I'm not going to say yes or no to any of the questions I posed.
I just realized tonight how much time I've been spending inwardly focused rather than outwardly focused. and spending time in either phase isn't bad - we definitely need balance in all our lives.
but it just got me thinking.
what if Ernest is right?

what are we, as a generation, going to do to fight against apathy?
what if it really is the biggest problem we face....

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