Sunday, May 27, 2012

financial peace university.

inspiration: just finished week 4 of financial peace university!!!

so about a month-and-a-half ago, ashley and i started going through financial peace university.
i'm not the best steward of my money and i've been convicted of that several times, but it wasn't until i started Dave Ramsey's course that i did anything about it. and having accountability has helped me stick to this as well.

well, like i said above, i have finished week 4.
in the words of dave, i've undergone "behavior modification" and i have seen a huge difference in my spending habits.

i "skipped" ahead a little bit and created a budget at the beginning of may (at which point, ashley and i had only watched the first lesson, but i felt the need to become proactive about my financial week 3, we determined very quickly that i'm a "Nerd" - but seriously, i didn't need Dave Ramsey to tell me that).

for all of may, all of my non-bill related expenses have been paid with cash (except two meal purchases) and it was definitely confirmed that "spending cash hurts" - i haven't looked at april compared to may, but i know my food and gas spending has decreased exponentially!

but tonight, i went through week 4 and created my debt snowball plan.
at first, it seemed a little overwhelming, but i'm actually quite excited about becoming DEBT FREE!

so far, my credit card debt will be eliminated in July, one student loan will be completely paid off in a year, the other will be paid off about 10 months after that, and my car will be paid off in 3 years, rather than 4! i'm really excited about all of this. and i can guarantee that when the day comes when i make that last car payment, a "this is my debt-free face" photo will be taken and shared with all social media ;)

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