Wednesday, April 11, 2012

trusting You.

inspiration: a poem i wrote at work today.

true story: i'm struggling at work.
i absolutely love my job.
i wouldn't trade it for the world.
i love the company.
the people i work with.
the location.
the opportunities i have with it.

but i'm at a point where i'm feeling really burnt out.
i've been working on this same project for a long time and i see the light at the end of the tunnel.
but i'm just treading water.

as i was eating lunch today, i decided to finally just admit my struggles to God.
i began writing in my prayer journal and this came to me, literally, in the span of about 6 minutes:

I need a change of mind,
a change of pace,
a change of outlook,
a sign of grace.
something to push me
when i want to quit,
something to pull me
out of this pit.
I desire something bigger,
bigger than me,
to abolish these shackles,
to be set free.
my doubts and my fears
they're chasing me down.
hope, faith, and peace
are nowhere to be found.
I'm tired and weary
worn down and distressed
can't keep my head up
I am such a mess.
I need You here to guide me
without You I'm lost
ill cling to Your promise
no matter the cost.
You promised never to leave me
so ill trust in Your plan.
I believe in Your power
the touch of Your hand.
You always have, always are
and always will be
the Lord of my life
walking with me.
i haven't written anything so poetic in a really long time, so to have been given these words from God was incredible. while i'm still feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with my situation, i know that God is here with me.
i know He is working in me.
and that this situation will be used for good.

i'm trusting in Him.

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