Wednesday, April 11, 2012

slacker update

inspiration: just a few praise reports and blurbs since i haven't blogged in forever and a day...

  • i feel like such a middle-schooler for saying this, but Holden and I have been dating for a month today. i'm blessed to be dating him and i'm definitely excited what God has planned for us, individually and as a couple
  • my mom is doing really well! she came home last week from rehab and seems to be in high spirits
  • i'm working on becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer at work. i'm stressing about this already and i haven't even started any of it - definitely going to need strength to get through this one.
  • kenya is not in the cards for me this year; however, supporting some friends of mine on their mission trip to South Sudan has definitely been laid in my hands. i know the people that God is calling me to support and i will be praying through how much to give.

i'm incredibly amazed to see the where God has brought me.
i still suffer from spiritual droughts occasionally, and if i'm honest, i've been feeling that way lately. but i know that no matter what, God is walking with me every single day and using every single obstacle and encounter to draw me closer to Him.

what praise reports do you have?

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