Sunday, April 15, 2012

God-shaped holes.

inspiration: Chip Judd's message at Seacoast.

at Seacoast, we are in a series called "Love Is..."
we started it last week on Easter and we'll be talking about God's love.

tonight, Chip Judd talked about God's love in the context of how we are to love ourselves.
for me, one of the biggest challenges i have is accepting God's view of me for myself
basically, it comes down to the fact that sometimes i just don't accept the fact that GOD LOVES ME and that He created me so that He could love me!

if i'm honest though, i never really thought about it that way.
yes, i know God wants me to worship Him.
yes, i know God wants me to love others.
yes, i know God created me for a purpose.

but i never stopped to think about the fact that God created me so that He could love me.
to me, it seems a little selfish to make it about me.
but ultimately, God is love (1 John 4:8), so why wouldn't He want to create something that He loved (aka you and me)

Chip also talked about the fact that we have to receive God's love.
each one of us feels the need to be loved and accepted - it's just human nature.
we want to be praised.
we want to belong.
we want affirmation of some sort.

some of us seize that through academics.
through work.
through power.
through sports.
through a spouse.
through kids.

but ultimately, we will never be filled until we are filled by God.
and in order to be filled by God, we must receive His love!

i was reminded of a song by Plumb (below) called "God Shaped Hole"
we all have a God-shaped hole in us - something that only He can fill.
anything that we choose over God to fill us is an idol.

once we are filled with God, we feel complete.
He is truly all we need.

if i'm being honest, a few years back, i felt utterly incomplete and was searching for something or someone to try and fill that need. i entered into a relationship with someone who i knew would ultimately fail, but i tried to make him fill that mold and was hurt when he didn't.

but now, three years later, i'm light-years further along in my walk with God and i have learned to be complete in him. i love the man i'm dating now, but i know that he will disappoint me and let me down; but i'm able to be okay in that because i don't need him to complete me: only God can and does do that. i am completely whole without him: holden complements me (and does so very well), but he doesn't complete me, and trying to make him do so is idolatry.

do you have things in your life that you are trying to fill your God-shaped hole with?
are you like me in that you have a hard time understanding how fully God loves YOU?

if so, i encourage you to read 1 John 4 and to just bask in the fact that God loves you and wants to fill you to the fullest!!

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