Thursday, March 15, 2012

a quick blog.

inspiration: i haven't blogged in a few days.

i know, i know...i've been slacking a lot lately on my blog.
which is why i'm bringing to you a short, quick-and-dirty blog about the happenings in my life:
the biggest update: i'm now in a relationship.
i know, i know, i've been heralding my "one year challenge" flag.
and i plan on writing a blog soon about the change of heart.

yes, i am really short (i'm 4'11").
yes, he is really tall (he's 6'5").
no, he does not play basketball.
((...and i agree, he's wasting his height ;) )).


  1. looking forward to reading about your change of heart! :)

  2. how do u guys makeout???