Saturday, March 24, 2012

my thoughts on "The Vow"

inspiration: the movie "The Vow"

let me start off by saying that ive been excited about this movie for a while.
i really have.
let me also say that i have one heck-of-a-boyfriend :) he went with me to see it (...i never wanted to be one of "those" girls, but i couldn't resist. i mean who can resist a heartwarming story of a husband who vows to love his wife "in all her forms" even after a traumatic wreck that leaves her without her memory of him).

i enjoyed the movie, i really did.
but i guess i was just expecting something different...


here are the "awesome" points i give the movie

  • the story is based on a christian couple. sweet.
  • the couple is still married today. sweet.
  • channing tatum. enough said.
  • and also a shoutout to rachel mcadams, because i love her, too.
but i guess the thing that bothers me the most is that in the movie they [SPOILER] end up getting divorced [/SPOILER]. once again, hollywood takes the covenant of marriage and defiles it with the notion that it's okay to divorce if we don't "feel" like loving each other.

i sincerely hoped we would see channing tatum's character endure and make rachel mcadams' character fall in love again. i mean, that's what happened in real life - his wife never regained her memory and from what i've read and heard, she was a very different, angry, hostile woman, but he never gave up. and they are still married today.

but hollywood decided that they would instead make it more dramatic by using divorce as the only viable option. we see rachel's parents tell channing that he needs to do it. we don't see true love being fought for.

for once, i was hoping for a love story worth desiring.
i don't know of anyone that desires a love story that ends in divorce.

we (and i'm speaking for the general female population) want to know that a man will pursue us against all odds and love us unconditionally against all odds. that's why we fall for chick flicks and romantic comedies. we deeply desire an intimate connection and to know that maybe, just maybe, in the world of Mr. Wrongs, that Mr. Right will truly prevail. we cling to this!

so all this to say, i was disappointed that the one movie that had so much potential to really encourage couples to fight beyond all hope for their marriage and to truly live out the vows that they said at their wedding fell so short of that.

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  1. The real couple had been married ten weeks (dont quote me on the time but its about that) and she had no memory of him, and she was very hostile. They stayed together b/c her parents told her she loved him and they had never lied to her, and b/c of their faith in God. They honored their covenant. They trusted in God, and they decided to go with that. They NEVER fell back in that "butterflies and heartsongs" kind of love like the movies portray. But they stuck it out, they are still married, because that is what God tells us to do. For better or worse. That is the vow. You should google and read their true story. That is inspirational. That is true marriage. That is every girls (and should be every guys) dream. A real life romance.