Friday, March 2, 2012

more goals and blurbs

inspiration: i feel the need to append to my previous goals i've made for myself.

i made a video-log of a few goals i have for 2012.

i've decided to append a couple to that:

  • pay off all my credit card debt by the end of march and stay on top of spending for all of 2012
  • go on another mission trip
i've had a couple humbling experiences regarding my finances and God has broken through in a couple of major ways and i believe that's just my wake-up call to reign in my spending and to make wiser financial decisions.

i've also been praying about going to kenya this summer. i'm still really seeking God in this (a little less, lately, given the circumstances with my mom), because i'm not really sure what He is calling me to do. i just want peace in this situation and lately, i've hit some patches of uneasiness about it.
a couple other things that have been on my heart lately is my lack of writing, lately.
so far this year, i've only written 23 blogs (24 counting this one), but i don't feel like i've been as fruitful through my blogging as i'd like. i feel like He has definitely gifted me with words and i want to keep sharing my heart and faith through it, but sometimes, i just don't have words...

also, still battling finding contentment in singleness.
i've posted this video so many times, but i really do need to hear it. again. and again. and again.
it's so hard for me to be patient and to trust God's timing in everything, but i know that i am first and foremost the bride of Christ and i must remain obedient to Him first.

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