Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pearls aren't created without some irritation.

inspiration: Reading Lady in Waiting and studying Ruth

i bought Lady In Waiting about a month ago and i read through it.
but now i'm re-reading it again and also reading through the book of Ruth, which is the ultimate Lady in Waiting that the book describes and encourages us to model our lives after.

truth be told, based on the title, Lady in Waiting will probably scare a few women off.
i was skeptical about the wisdom it would provide me in my season of singleness. i figured it would be one of those self-help type books that would try and cheer me up and make me feel better about being single.

and it did the first time.
but now that i'm really soaking in the Biblical wisdom and virtue that Ruth displayed, i'm more encouraged because it's not a "self-help" book for singles; rather, it gives us biblical wisdom and pulls out applicable truth for single women who are looking to become godly women and who godly men will be seeking.

One of life's most costly and beautiful objects is born out of pain and irritation - the pearl. A tiny piece of sand slips into an oyster's shell and begins to rub against the soft tissue, causing irritation. In response to the irritation, the oyster produces a hard substance. This substance eventually develops into one of the world's most beautiful jewels - a lovely luminous pearl. In fact, the greater the irritation, the more valuable the pearl. -Lady in Waiting, 51
We never see our pain as pearls, especially when we're in the midst of it.
We can only see it once the pain and irritation passes, but it's something worth sharing.
Pearls aren't created without some irritation.

Over the last two years, my deepest irritation and hurt has become one of the most beautiful things about me. Breakups and failed relationships drew me closer to Christ. And because of that, I'm able to share my pearl with others. The sand of a breakup produced in me a pearl of strength.

And now i'm in another season of waiting and, you could say, irritation in my state of singleness.
But I am using this season of singleness to produce another pearl. Hopefully one of diligence and patience and virtue.

It would be easy for me to throw in the towel of my year commitment and pursue a relationship because I'm tired of being single. It would be easy to try and manipulate my way into a relationship for the sake of making me "feel better" about myself. It would be easy to try and write my own love story for the sake of having someone to spend the weekends with and to have someone buy me dinner.

But what would that do?
It would only undermine my faith that God is in control and knows what's best for me.
Don't view the trials of singleness as irritating grains of sand to be discarded as quickly as possible. Realize that God has them there to create something beautiful in you. -Lady in Waiting, 52
I'm encouraged by Ruth who wasn't looking for a husband. Ruth was widowed and had returned to Bethlehem with Naomi, her also-widowed mother-in-law. She refused to go back to her homeland, but rather to stay with Naomi and to serve her God. (Ruth was a Moabite and did not follow the one true God). She worked in the fields every day to provide for her and her mother in law and because of her faithfulness to serve God and her mother in law, Boaz took notice and later became her husband. Ruth was certainly not chasing Boaz in search of a relationship, like I have the desire and tendency to do. Ruth was simply serving God and being a woman of virtue and patience. One that I would like to become.

God is producing something beautiful in me, I have faith in that.
Sometimes it's hard to trust what I don't know or see, but I know that God has a plan for me and that it's His best for me.
Whether it's who I think it is or not remains to be seen.

But I want my pearl to be valuable.
So I guess I'll have to endure this season and allow the Lord to work inside me.

What pearl is God producing in you?

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