Sunday, February 26, 2012

Patiently waiting...

Inspiration: morning devotional phone blog

As im sitting in a beach house with my amazing small group, i was reading and reflecting on God's blessings and the people and things He has blessed me with. Im so thankful for His faithfulness and provision.

Im re-reading Lady in Waiting because i think there are so many truths to be extracted from it. Just finished reading "lady of patience" and a quote in there just really grabbed hold of me:

"When the two of them were finally introduced, she understood why she had to wait. While she cultivated faithfulness before God, her knight had been slaying a few dragons and shining his armor. God did not leave her waiting any longer than necessary." 

It just reminded me that, Yes i may be ready to date (or think i am), but that doesnt mean my future husband is. God is working in both of us. He is working in my future husband just like he is working in me. All too often, i think only of myself being ready; but i know that God is working in whoever He has planned for me and that He may have put me on a shelf to wait and mature, but He will take me down and place us together in His perfect timing.

Patience is a virtue.
God is cultivating it big time in me.

What is God cultivating in you??


  1. Hi Nikki,

    I've just only stumbled upon your blog and read a few entries and it's been so encouraging! How can I write to you privately? Would like to share with you without being on the world wide web (:

  2. e-mail me: