Tuesday, February 7, 2012

for man or for God?

inspiration: new series in Galatians at Seacoast.

lately, well, since the beginning of this year, really, that God has been speaking to me more and more through His Word. maybe it's because i've been more disciplined (or tried to be) about spending time really listening for His voice in what i'm reading and i have a deeper desire to understand Him more. i don't really know. i heard it said that the Bible is not simply a "road map for our lives", because that makes it about us. rather, it's a book about God and how He is faithful and and how He keeps His promises.

and it struck me...
how often do i make Christianity about ME?!
how often do i turn away from the true Gospel and begin to make life about ME?!

we started a new series at Seacoast called "The New Normal" where we will be going through the book of Galatians and digging into Scripture and how we are to apply it to our lives.
we studied the first part of Galatians 1 this weekend and the verse that really struck a chord with me was verse 10:
For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ. -Galatians 1:10
for me, this is a convicting verse.
it makes me stop and go "who am i living to please? who am i doing "life" for? is it for man or for God?"

in the preceding verses, Paul is writing to the region of Galatia rebuking them for deserting the Gospel in order to follow other things. they were turning down eternal life for the things of the world; for things that will perish rather than the everlasting promises of God. they chose man instead of God.

but we do the exact same thing.
I do the exact same thing.

i pursue the flesh, wealth, power rather than clinging to God for comfort, peace, and hope. i have to constantly assess where my perspective lies: on heaven or on earth...it's hard! (have you ever tried to focus on Heaven when there are shiny things on earth to distract you?)

but through Christ, we are given eternal life; our sins are removed from us as far as the east is from the west and we are promised hope and a future; we have been shown immeasurable grace and mercy and compassion and we are to in turn, praise God with all we are, devote ourselves to following Him and to show the same love and compassion to others.

last week, i was reminded of God's faithfulness and promises. and again, i'm reminded of how i am to live my life in response to that.

i am to live for God, not man.
i am to worship God and cling to His promises, not to turn to the world and pursue fleeting pleasures.

so with this, i ask, who are you living for? for man or for God?

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