Thursday, January 5, 2012

it's just a ring

inspiration: i wish i had more photogenic hands.....

(i wish i had more photogenic hands...)

a girl in my small group got us all rings that had the number "3" engraved on them.
the 3 represents the Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

it's just a ring.
but i absolutely love it.

it's a reminder (along with my "faith" tattoo) of who I am and who I live for.
this life isn't mine to squander - it's mine to glorify God with.

i am reminded when i wear it that God is to be my first love.
and any man that chooses to replace this ring with a diamond must love God first, too.

all too often, i think women just want the ring.
we want marriage.
or a husband.
or maybe we just want a big ol' blingin' diamond.
and these things in their proper context aren't bad in themselves.
but when we make these things ultimate things, they become idols and separate us from God.

i fall into that trap a lot (wanting a boyfriend; a relationship; a ring; a wedding), i ultimately know that it's nothing in comparison to the relationship i have with Christ. i've read in several different blogs that sometimes we (women) plan the wedding but don't plan the marriage.

while i don't plan on getting married anytime soon, i plan on being intentional about every relationship i'm in. i hold marriage in high regard because it's the representation of the most beautiful marriage of all - Christ and the Church.

i pray that one day a godly man will replace this ring, but for now, i cherish this ring and all that it represents - an undying devotion and relationship with Christ.

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