Tuesday, January 3, 2012


inspiration: having accountability in your life makes a world of difference in your relationships.

opening up to other believers is hard.
sharing your wounds.
your hurt.
your struggles.
it's painful.

but having accountability in your life can strengthen your relationship not only with those around you, but with Christ.

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. -James 5:16

until recently, i was hesitant to have accountability in my life.
but now i have it in my relationship with Christ and with guys, tithing, running, finances.
and while i always feared i would fall into a legalistic trap, i actually sometimes feel freer and closer to God because of all the people He has placed in my life and the relationships He has blessed me with.

the first time i really had accountability in my life was over two years ago, when i asked my sister to hold me accountable to texting her every day to let her know something good about my day (it was during a time where i was battling spiritual and emotional warfare and was borderline depressed) and to let her know something that i was going to let go of (i was also battling anger and resentment and guilt). and although it was just two texts a day, it was the beginning of a strengthened relationship with Christ and my sister still reminds me every once in a while of those texts that really strengthened our relationship as well.

i've always been a fairly independent girl.
i like being in control of myself.
not depending on anything or anyone else.
but sometimes, you need someone walking with you and holding you accountable to yourself and to God.

like James 5:16 states, the prayer of a righteous man is powerful.
when we lift each other up and build each other up in Christ, we become more like Christ;
when we confess our sins, we acknowledge that we aren't in control, but that God is.

it's never easy to get called out by your brothers and sisters in Christ.
it hurts.
but sometimes, you need to have some to share your life and struggles with.
someone to walk you through the valleys and the hills so that you can enjoy the view from the top when you overcome all your struggles.

so if you're struggling in your walk with Christ, pray that He would bring someone in your life to walk with you. to keep you accountable. to strengthen your relationship with Him.

it may not be easy.
but it will be worth it.

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