Wednesday, December 28, 2011

looking back.

inspiration: the 2011 chapter of my life is almost complete.

so 2011 has definitely been interesting: in 2011

i've been launched out of my comfort zone into a completely new world.
i've grown as a programmer.
woman of God.
and as a person, in general.

i finished out Christmas with a "BANG" (literally).
i was in a wreck.
luckily no one was hurt badly, just a few bruises and scrapes.
i realized a few things from it though - 1) the value of true friendship and 2) i realized how much stronger my relationship with Christ has come this year.

1) the value of friendship.
i was in shock for most of the time after the crash, but i never cried. quite a shocking things, really, considering how emotional i am (every time i watch UP! i have to give myself a pep talk and tell myself "i'm not gonna cry, i'm not gonna cry, i'm not gonna cry).
i realized that it was only a car. it can be replaced.
i realized how at peace with everything i was despite the chaos around me.
i realized that i am blessed with friends here that care immensely about me.
i realized that God has a special and unique plan and purpose for this.

i spent my first Christmas away from home this year.
but three friends, holden, lindsay, and bryce all welcomed me into their families so i didn't have to celebrate alone. holden actually came and stayed with me right after the wreck - which is why i think i stayed so calm after the whole shebang. but these three friends are so special to me because looking back, i was one of the first people to welcome them at theWell and they were now exchanging that courtesy with me.

sometimes, it's the little things - going out of your way to say "hello" and to talk to someone; inviting people to sit beside you at church - that plant the largest seeds in someone's heart and life. i think about an acorn. it seems so insignificant. but plant it and nourish it and it becomes an oak tree that will produce more and more acorns.

2) my relationship with Christ.
i remember right before i moved to Charleston having a conversation with my sister about how nervous i was about moving from my church family. it was the strongest tie i had to tennessee and the hardest to leave. but i have had so many opportunities at seacoast, it's kind of ridiculous.

theWell has really challenged me to step out and step up in my relationship with Christ.
i've become a leader in many respects and while i had self-confidence before, i now have Christ-confidence; sharing my faith with those around me here is becoming easier and easier. i mean, don't get me wrong, it's hard to face certain people, but i have gained more knowledge and more wisdom since i've moved here and i'm thankful for every opportunity i've had.

in the midst of the wreck, i couldn't help but sense God holding me.
i was in a wreck over 3 years ago (passenger, that time) and i remember coming out of that bruised and sore, but i also remembered all the God moments that came from that wreck. and i know that this wreck is no different. God has a plan for it.
He will use it to draw me closer to Him.
He will use it to minister to others.
He will ultimately use it for His glory.

looking back, 2011 was an amazing year.
i can't wait to see where 2012 takes me.

what did you learn during the 2011 chapter of your life?

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  1. I learned that it's okay not to be perfect at everything. Making mistakes makes you STRONGER and push yourself to do better!!!

    especially in the TEACHING world ;)