Saturday, December 3, 2011

fathers, be good to your daughters....

inspiration: a friend on facebook posted this article.

maybe my dad will stumble upon this blog and read this and cherish every memory he and i ever had.
maybe he won't.
but one thing's for sure - (almost) every post rang true.
(i particularly laughed at the "fishing" one....let's just say the "squirming more than the worm" part was VERY true!)
my dad told me i was beautiful every day and supported me in everything i did, even if he thought otherwise, and was there to pick me up when my stupid decision backfired on me.

but for fathers out there, i encourage you to invest in your daughter.
you will set the standard for the type of guys she is friends with, dates, and the man she eventually marries.

if you're a "someday-father" (not one yet, but want to be one day), save this.
and when that day comes, heed every word of advice.
no relationship will ever be the same as a father-daughter relationship.

if you're a father and you feel like you have no hope.
turn the attitude around and start being the dad.
there's a quote from the movie "Courageous" (which, you should see as well!) where one of the main characters tells his son "I didn't start well, but I want to finish well!" -- it's not about how you started, it's about how you finish!!

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