Thursday, December 1, 2011

"the adventure of calling"

inspiration: sermon at theWell

(Check out Simon's ministry's page)

God is calling every single one of us to contribute to His kingdom.
every. single. one. of. us.
we may not see it that way when we attend church.
but we are all called to play a unique and integral role in the body.
we are called to step up and to live for HIM.
not ourselves.
not money.
not fame.
not wealth.
not power.
not an of that.

we are called to live out of grace.
and out of gratitude for ALL God has done for us.

tonight at theWell, we had a guest speaker named Simon Guillebaud, who spent much of the last several years living in war-torn Burundi. he felt a calling of God to leave all he had - career, family, money, possibility of a family, security - to go to central Africa.
and he accepted the calling - risks and all.

he shared that he had been threatened with grenades, seen people around him die, war, everything. but he had also been a part of reaching hundreds of thousands of others to Christ.
worth the risk? when it comes to the Gospel, i'd say so!

Simon shared with us pictures of his background, including a picture of his wife and three children; he has two sons and one daughter, Grace, who was named after another girl in Africa who had been aborted and thrown into a latrine hole, but someone saw her, literally covered in waste and, picked her up out of the filth weighing only two pounds, cleaned her off, and raised her now she is growing and thriving!

and Simon made the illustration that that's what Christ does for us! when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we are literally picked up out of our filth, cleaned off, and made new! and this is why we are called to live out of gratitude, bringing God's name glory in all we do!

the message hit me really hard tonight.
not because it was a guest speaker.
not because of the pictures of Africa.
not because of the amazing stories Simon brought.
but because it really brought me face-to-face with a question that i always hate hearing: "Would I be willing to go ANYWHERE and do ANYTHING to bring glory to Christ?"

if i'm honest. if i'm truly honest, deep-gut-core-feeling, the answer is no.
i'm ashamed to say it, but being honest.
i would love to get to a place where the answer changes. and based on how much God has been working in my life recently, i'm confident that one day, He might just grant me that desire.

but i like my life.
i like my job.
i like my car.
i like my friends.
i like my family.
i'm doing quite well for myself here.
i'm making a name for myself.
i'm building community with people i love.
life. is. good.

but fifty years from now, will i look back and wish i had done more to serve Christ?
will the money, the job, the car, the security of it all even matter?

one of my favorite books (that i will probably re-read in light of this message) is In A Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson.
one of the quotes that i've underlined so heavily you can see it through the other side: 

"Faith is risky business. The goal of faith is not the elimination of risk. In fact, the greatest risk is taking no risks." and a few pages earlier, it reads "if you're willing to risk everything, then there is nothing that God can't do in and through you."

talk about conviction.
i'm struggling in my life now trying to figure out what "living radically" means for me.
i feel like if i'm wrestling with that picture now as a single, unattached woman of God, how much worse will it be when i'm in a relationship? married? higher in the job ranking? making more money? living in a house?

i truly want to just be obedient in all i do.

i'm one to dream big when it comes to my "bucket list"
but when it comes to being a disciple and not just a follower, that's a little crazy.

i'm one for the thrill of an adrenaline rush.
but i cower when it comes to share my faith.

i'm one to try new food.
but i'm not one to share the Bread of life.

taking risks and facing possible rejection is hard.
and pride is one of my biggest battles.
i want to be able to say "God, I will go ANYWHERE and do ANYTHING for you!"
i want to experience an adventure of truly obeying God in ANYTHING!
any circumstance.
any experience.
any locale.
as long as i am in the will of the Lord.

will you pray for me in this journey i'm on with God??
thanks :)

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