Sunday, November 6, 2011

seattle: day two

inspiration: seattle - day two.

  • Daylight Savings Ending - 1; Nikki - 0
  • As if jet lag and recovering from the time zone difference wasn't enough, daylight savings had to end and make it an hour early. while i'm not complaining about the extra hour of sleep (it was much needed and appreciated), it was quite disheartening to wake up at 5AM Pacific Time...what in the world is going to be open at 5AM ?! :P
  • but i started the morning off walking to Volunteer Park, about a mile from where i'm staying. there were a lot of cute little houses along the way!
  • got to Volunteer park and walked around; the Seattle Asian Art Museum was there (didn't visit it, but took a picture of it) - i took a few pictures.
  • i had breakfast this morning at the B&B - it was amaaaazing! fresh fruit and then biscuit and fried egg with gravy with sausage and asparagus. delicious!!

  • walked down to Pike Place Market this morning - stopped at Seattle's Best Coffee and got a Caramel Mocha (coffee is not my thing at all!) =P
  • walked around the Market - the thing is hugeee! There are so many floors and buildings - I got a caricature drawing done :) The man was really sweet. He told me I had beautiful eyes and that he liked my "beauty marks" (which i refer to as freckles, i guess. they're possibly moles. lol. i don't really know) :P
  • i walked back to Westlake Mall to take the monorail to the Space Needle - not sure why, but when i'm in new places, i love taking public transit...haha...
  • Went to the Space Needle! Took several pictures.

(their complimentary picture - they take your picture in front of a green screen essentially and you pick your own background)

  • Walked from the Space Needle to Kerry Park; up a monstrous beast of a hill, but it was totally worth it! Kerry Park isn't really a park, it's literally just a wall with a railing with some benches and a random sculpture, but it has an amaaaaaaaaazing view of downtown Seattle! it's absolutely gorgeous! made trekking up Queen Anne Hill completely and utterly worth it!

  • walked back to the space needle and took the monorail back to westlake and then walked home.
  • needless to say, my little asian legs are pooooooped!
  • once i got back, i uploaded pictures, charged my phone, and napped.
  • then i got up and went to Than Brothers to get Pho ("fuh") - it's basically this broth, soup with noodles and basil and beef or chicken (i got chicken). it was pretty good! i got a small, but the bowl was actually ginormous!! i only ate like half of it. and they gave you a cream puff. omg, it was amazing!
  • it's only like 6 o'clock here, but i am for real tired! i did pretty much everything i wanted to do while i was here in one day, so i'm excited to get to do even more tomorrow! i'll probably take a ferry/cruise around and go out on the water. not sure what else i'll do though :)

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