Saturday, November 5, 2011

seattle: day one.

inspiration: Seattle - Day One.
  • flew from CHS to Midway to Seattle.
  • i wasn't nearly as jetlagged as i thought i would be after almost 7 hours of flying (although, it's catching up with me now).
  • i rode my first public transit train.
  • bought something other than Hot Chocolate or Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks.
  • then took two bus rides to get to the B&B i'm staying at (because i got off at the wrong place the first time. but in my defense, the B&B i'm staying on is on E John St and we passed an E John St so i got off the bus and started walking, but realized that i was near 27th Ave and where i'm staying is near 12th Ave, so needless to say, i caught another bus)
  • went to Pacific Place Mall to go to Pike Place Chowder for dinner (had Smoked Salmon Chowder) it was pretty good :)
  • walked around downtown Seattle for a bit
  • i'm staying in a really nice B&B here - it's right on the outskirts of downtown (i'll be able to walk or catch the train/bus to get everywhere i want to go)
  • i definitely need to get out of the south more - whenever i go somewhere new, i'm always so surprised about the diversity and cultural differences!
  • i'm glad i did a little bit of research/reading before i came - the area where the B&B is located is pretty open and accepting of the LGBT lifestyle and i've definitely seen it since i've been here; it doesn't make me as uncomfortable as it did a couple years ago, but i'm glad i wasn't completely caught off-guard.
  • and so many asians! i really, seriously, need to get out of the south more.
i'm excited about being here :)
but super glad that i get an extra hour of sleep since daylight savings ends tonight :)

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