Thursday, November 3, 2011

rules of multiplication!

inspiration: First Wednesday's sermon

last night, Robert Morris from Gateway Church in Dallas came and spoke at our First Wednesday service.
he spoke about "rules of multiplication" and used the story from Luke 9 of the Feeding of the 5000 to illustrate his purpose. i'll have to remember to post the video because it was absolutely brilliant and hilarious, but wholly convicting in every sense of the word.

two principles of multiplication:

1. it must be blessed before it can multiply
2. you must give it away before it can multiply

Jesus blessed the bread before the disciples began feeding the masses.
If He hadn't blessed it, it wouldn't have been multiplied.

The disciples had to begin giving it away before the miracle of multiplication could happen.
If the disciples had hoarded the 2 fish and 5 loaves for themselves, it would not have multiplied.

Robert also shared when it comes to tithing, there are only two options: return the first 10% to the house of God (because it's not ours to begin with) or steal from the Kingdom (because it's not ours to begin with).

But in addition to tithing the first 10%, we are to give!!


Probably the hardest four-letter word I've heard in a while.
But I was wholly convicted last night (and my friend Ashley can attest to this, considering she sat with me in my car as I bawled), but I know that God is calling me to give something significant away for something less. And the sermon last night further confirmed some convictions that God has placed on my heart about it multiple times.

He's calling me to sell my new car.
Yes, I'll still need to have a car, but not new.

There are better things my finances should be going to than a car that is for myself.

I'm really battling pride right now.
Selling it after only having it a short time looks an awful lot like "She can't afford it..."
But I will say this because I believe it and I need to start living it: "You can't take it with you when you go!"
With that being said, I'm at peace with the "What", I'm just trying to figure out the "How".
My dad put it into better words: "The car's not making you happy....Do what makes you happy"
I'm interpreting that not in terms of happiness, but peace with God.

But I know that I serve a God whose ways are higher than mine and more powerful than mine.
I know that He is going to provide for me.
He's going to come through because He is faithful.
But my purpose is to be obedient, even if it means selling something that will cause the world to turn and probably gawk at me for.


It's not ours.
We can't take it with us to Heaven.
So why not bless others instead.

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