Thursday, November 17, 2011

"fully convinced that God is able to do what he promises"

inspiration: Romans 4:20-21

a bittersweet moment for us as Pastor Chris Russo transitions out of the college/20s ministry into ministry with young married couples. but we know God is going to do amazing things through him.

that was our topic tonight at theWell - and Chris brought the heat.
when i think of "trust" and what it means to me, i have a fairly "good" picture of it.
i generally think about my parents and friends and God.
but for some, "trust" is a hard thing to think about, because in many cases, it's been broken.

abusive relationships.
unfaithful spouses.
disloyal friends.

what can we truly put our trust in these days? with greed, abuse, pride, and other scandals plaguing our news, sometimes it's hard to see the good in things. and it's hard to trust that God has a plan for all of this.

but i have hope in a God who is mighty and powerful and trustworthy!

we read through Romans 4:19-25 tonight
He did not weaken in faith when he considered his own body, which was as good as dead (since he was about a hundred years old), or when he considered the barrenness of Sarah’s womb. No distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised. That is why his faith was "counted to him as righteousness." But the words "it was counted to him" were not written for his sake alone, but for ours also. It will be counted to us who believe in him who raised from the dead Jesus our Lord, who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.

This passage refers to Abraham, who God promised to be the father of many nations. He made a promise that he and his wife Sarah would bear a son ... only problem is, he was almost 100 and she was like 90. uhh....based on our knowledge of biology, that's not something that just happens.

but in this, i'm reminded of Mark 10:27

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God." 

this gives me hope about everything!
and i love verse 21 in this passage: Abraham was fully convinced that God was able to do what he had promised. but that wasn't just a one-time-thing for Abraham: He promises the same for us. When we put our faith in Him, we can rest assured that He is going to use us for His will.

i'm not saying i have things figured out and that i trust God all the time.
in fact, i just texted a friend of mine saying how much i stress about work.
i posted on Facebook about how i need to just set up healthy boundaries between my work responsibilities and my personal life.
i often worry about relationships. i battle the "gift" of singleness - not because i don't enjoy independence and focusing on my relationship with God, but if i'm honest, i worry that i'll end up alone and won't have someone to share life's greatest moments with.

i still try and withhold trust from God.
but Chris made excellent points about trust.

we must be honest about our trust issues (confessing and being transparent and praying for one another), looking at God's track record (remembering times when He has been faithful) and celebrating the wins (praising God for the moments when He comes through for us).

i know that He has a plan for me.
one of my biggest wins has by far been my move to Charleston.
it was also one of those times when i fully trusted Him to pick up and move; and He has provided immeasurably more for me than i would've ever thought possible. i've made amazing friends here and made amazing covenant relationships with girls (and guys too) who are constantly pushing me and holding me accountable in my walk with God.

and in my moments of worry and stress and loneliness and frustration, i'm reminded that i serve a God who can do all things. 

but if God can bring a child to a century-old Abraham and raise Christ from the dead, who am i to think that He won't provide for me? who am i to distrust Him?

while i may not have it figured out, i am fully convinced that God is able to do what He promises.
and i know He will always come through for me, even when it's not in ways i expect.

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