Thursday, November 24, 2011

50 things I'm thankful for - the 2011 list

inspiration: it's Thanksgiving, y'all!

  1. Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
  2. my family
  3. my friends
  4. my health
  5. my amazing small group in SC
  6. my amazing small group from TN
  7. the men and women who serve our country everyday
  8. theWell
  9. Grace Community Church
  10. Seacoast Church
  11. to be employed by Hawkes
  12. clean water
  13. the ability to laugh at myself - it makes "awkward" moments so much more enjoyable
  14. the mission trips i've taken this year
  15. the leadership opportunities i have at theWell
  16. my previous sponsor children getting adopted (Maynerd and John Mark)
  17. my current sponsor children (maria and punyakorn)
  18. to be going home in a few weeks
  19. indoor plumbing
  20. a family that does not like black friday shopping
  21. charleston food
  22. sweet tea
  23. my ability with words
  24. jack's mannequin/something corporate/andrew mcmahon's music in general
  25. running and the opportunities i've had to run races with friends
  26. a fuel efficient car
  27. to be moving to Mt P in a few weeks
  28. anything made with peanut butter and chocolate
  29. the big bang theory
  30. tetris
  31. music
  32. the abundance of penguin stuff in the winter
  33. a cell phone
  34. money in my pocket (even though it's not a lot at times)
  35. chili's baby back ribs (...barbecue sauce)
  36. southwest flying direct from CHS to BNA
  37. comfortable t-shirts
  38. jeans that fit just right
  39. crock pot
  40. spiral notebooks & post-it notes
  41. pandora for variety
  42. spotify because it's amazing
  43. smores
  44. amazing weather in charleston
  45. turkey and dressing!!
  46. a queen size bed with a pillow top mattress :)
  47. food in my cabinets
  48. chick-fil-a
  49. converse <3
  50. to be surrounded by people who "get" me and my crazy sense of humor and adventure

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