Sunday, October 2, 2011

"where are you men of courage..."

inspiration: Courageous, the movie

not gonna lie, i've been waiting for Courageous to come out for months!
when my friend, Nise' Davies, had mentioned her son would be starring in it, i began doing my research about it. it's a movie by the same producers of the popular movie Fireproof! the main purpose of Courageous is to draw out the calling that men, specifically fathers, are given: to lead their families with Christ at the center.

it follows the stories of four police officers with different backgrounds and how a tragedy changed their lives; these men are protectors of their communities, but bystanders or even outsiders in their families. but God used this tragedy to draw them closer to Him and to each other and to lead their families with Biblical integrity. it was a phenomenal movie.

i know that it wasn't exactly for my demographic, but i am truly encouraged about how God will use this movie to challenge men to step up into the roles they are called to fulfill as fathers!

MEN: Go see this movie!
WOMEN: Take your man: husband, boyfriend, father, son, cousin, brother, uncle - whoever it may be, to go see this movie! I  believe it will challenge and encourage them to be men of courage. To step up and glorify and honor God; to challenge them to rise above mediocrity and heed God's calling for them.
So go see it!


  1. I saw it last night with my husband, son and members of my church (it was a social showing just for us and we packed the place out!). My 18-year-old son loved it! My husband and I cried and sniffles through it. But what excited me the most was after the movie I heard a man who we've been acquaintances with for years ask my husband if he would be willing to be a part of an accountability group. YES!

    I, women and teenagers NEED to see this movie!

  2. That's definitely awesome to hear, Kathy!
    i sent my dad money to go see it. movies are quite expensive at the theatre back in my hometown, but sent him enough for 3 matinees, so hoping he takes advantage of it!!