Monday, October 17, 2011

washington: day two.

inspiration: washington - day two.

we began this morning like we did yesterday - breakfast at nate's mom's house.
breakfast was delicious!!
we stopped at walmart on the way to the reservation - i bought shorts (since i forgot to pack mine) and a fleece jacket so that i didn't have to wear a hoodie to the church service.

we helped out a a couple houses today.
a group split wood at one location and a second did yard work at leah's (one of the staff members at newspring) aunt's house. i helped with yardwork again and it was amazing to see the transformation that raking and clearing out some old brush and branches did.
her house was by the river and it was absolutely gorgeous!!

(btw, shout-out to elizabeth christmas - she and i are raking ninjas! ;))

we also held a basketball camp for some of the kids.
not as many kids showed up as i expected, but it was still a lot of fun - i cheered and encouraged from the best and favorite position in basketball is that of benchwarmer - i'm pretty much useless in basketball =P

we then delivered some axes and tarps to the senior center where we served yesterday! it was great!

tonight, we also helped set up for church. kyle and AJ led worship - which was amazing! a few of the Natives joined us, so it was awesome to be able to worship with them. and Matt Bucy gave a great and powerful message! (word on the street is that this was his first sermon - and it was awesome! proud of you Matt!)

Matt just spoke truth about how we all have those moments in life that we mark as "failures".
we all have them - those black clouds that we feel like we'll never live up to or be able to overcome.
and he taught from several verses in the book of Isaiah about how Israel had strayed away from trusting and relying on God, just as we do today - the same struggles the people of God had, we are still struggling with today.
but how Christ takes away our failures and sins and because we are sinners, we are like crimson stains, but he makes us as white as snow!
we are literally made new!

the song "Beautiful Things" (which we sang tonight) is one of my favorite songs.
"You make me new, You are making me new" is one of the lines and I love it because it speaks truth to our entire life - once we accept Christ into our hearts, we are new creations! it's a powerful statement because, like i said, we all have those "moments of failure". but because of who Jesus is and what He did for us, we are made new!!

this has been an incredible experience!
i know that God is definitely at work here on the Spokane Reservation and it's abundantly apparent with every smile and "thank you" that we get!

right before we started the basketball camp, one of the tribal council members (the vice president, actually) came out and spoke to us and prayed for us and just gave thanks with all of his heart for the things we are doing for the community. he said that serving in the senior center was one of the most respectful things we can do and it just struck me that even though it seems like i just raked leaves, that it actually was a hugeeee and powerful sign of respect. and that i'm part of the body of Christ that the elders and members of the reservation are witnessing - it's absolutely incredible!!

our night ended with listening to music in the van - everything from Backstreet Boys to country to cover songs and mash-ups and dinner at Taco Time.

i can't believe tomorrow's our last day!! i wish this was a week-long trip - i'm absolutely without a doubt wanting to come back! the scenery has been beautiful - and while the winters would probably be miserable for me, the weather for this weekend has been awesome!!

God's doing mighty things here!! =D

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