Tuesday, October 18, 2011

washington: day three.

inspiration: our last day on the Res

today was our last day on the res.
we started once again with breakfast at nate's mom's house - breakfast burritos.
(btw, taco time last night was not the brightest idea we've had...just saying)

but we headed out, got to the res and then made our way to leah's parents house.
we split a significant amount of wood in about an hour and a half.
we also got to pray for leah's parents in their house - it was absolutely powerful.

for lunch, sonny led us down to the most amaaaaazing place!
it was at the top of this mountain, overlooking other mountains and a lake - it was calm and the breeze was cool and it was just absolutely beautiful! (pictures will follow as soon as i can get them up here!)

but there was a lot of photography moments!
after we left for lunch, we went to the community center to drop off shoes and basketballs to the kids.
we brought like 3 suitcases full of shoes and about 15-20 basketballs to donate to the community center!

we stopped at walmart to pick up gifts for our host family.
we took a picture with our host family yesterday morning, so we got that developed and bought a frame that we signed and a card and flowers. we came back to spokane and had dinner with all the host families at a place called Pete's pizza. i got the chicken bacon ranch calzone and it was amaaaazing! i, honestly, didn't realize how hungry i was! (nothing new there, though...)

when we got back to the house, we've been talking to gary and nancy about our week and how much of an impact we made on the res and how much God has moved in our lives.

words can never express how much God has been working here.
our group was talking about everything from how leah shared her heart and testimony with a few of us at lunch today. to the respect that we've been shown by the tribe elders and how much what we've done meant to them. to us, it was just splitting wood and doing yardwork, but to them, it's SOOO much more powerful.

i, honestly, don't think i'll ever understand how much of an impact we've made.
but again, i don't think they'll ever understand how much they've changed my life.
the spirit of some of the people we've met is just overwhelming!
to know that they've been wronged and hurt by so many others, but that because of us, we have truly made an impact in the few days that we were here is just incredible! God works powerfully when we are obedient to Him!!

i just hate that this trip came and went so soon!
i'll definitely be back and i've made so many connections and i can't wait to see how God is going to move in this place! i believe our coming and being the hands and feet of Christ and serving the ones that, literally, are forgotten has brought so much hope and joy to this community!

God is going to work mightily!

i shared this with the group yesterday:
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12)

i am so humbled by the fact that i was part of something amazing that's going to take place on the Spokane Reservation. mission trips always change us and there are things that words can never express. i know that i came with expectations of serving and being the hands and feet of Christ and showing love to a people who have been hurt and devastated. but i've truly been humbled and changed.

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