Saturday, October 15, 2011


inspiration: finallyyyyyy here!!!

so it's finally here - the Spokane trip i've been looking forward to, literally for months!
...and i start my second missions trip out with extreme jetlag.
for real.
been in the air almost as much as i've been on the ground these past 29 hours.

charleston. baltimore. nashville. kansas city. oakland. spokane.
i'm like the johnny cash song - i've been everywhere! ;)

the adventure began at 7:05PM last night when i left charleston, flew to baltimore. weather delayed our flight for about 20 minutes. when we were in the plane and about to take off, we got groundstopped because other airports in our airspace were stopped, so the flight got delayed for another like 35-40 minutes. finally got to nashville last night at 11:30PM (which, if you know me is farrrr past my bedtime).

stayed with the pearsons.
slept like a rock and woke up to the smell of bacon! ;)

got back to the nashville airport at 11 this morning.
left nashville at 12:55, flew to kansas city. we didn't have to change planes there, which was nice, but the flight to oakland was almost 4 hours. left oakland at 6:05PM (Pacific) time, so literally 9PM on the east coast. and got to spokane at 8ish.

just got to my host family's house - staying with brianna, kellie, kyle & elizabeth :)

tomorrow, we'll be doing some community service - going around some of the neighborhoods and helping in any way we can! we're also going to a pow wow tomorrow night!! pretty stoked, not gonna lie! i'm excited to see what's in store for the team this week!!

but as for tonight, this little asian is peacing out.

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