Friday, September 30, 2011

STOP....fasting time...???

inspiration: fasting and praying and seeking

i'm an introvert.
i often get the "no, you're not..." look from people when i say that.
don't get me wrong, i love meeting new people.
i love connecting with people and getting to know them.

but i thrive on my alone time.
i thrive on time in my own head.
if i'm constantly around people, it drains me.

i hope i don't sound too cheesy when i say this, but i think God gave me the gift of introversion to make me STOP.

and think.
and reflect.
and pray.

there is no doubt that i do a lot:
full time job.
co-leading a small group.
volunteering at theWell.

God wired me with the personality of a "go-getter".
i'm type A.
i like structure.
i like pleasing people.

one thing that i've had to learn to do, personally and professionally, is to not become overcommitted. i've had to learn to say no. i've had to learn to accept that i'm not superwoman.

this is something i've come to learn quickly in my profession.
i can't please everyone or i will kill myself in the process.
my boss defined it as "managing expectations of others and myself".
if i try to do everything (which i do), i'll get burned out (i've come close to several breakdowns).

one way that i've learned to really process my thoughts is through blogging.
it's the way that i'm really able to listen to God and to try and decipher what He's trying to teach me and in the ways He's trying to stretch me.

but this Sunday, i'll be on the other end.
i'll be seeking Him.
i'm taking the initiative to fast (from social media - a very hard thing for me to do) and take a Sabbath (again, hard for me to "rest" even though i need to) and really seek out what God's telling me about several areas of my life.

i'll be processing through:
my role in relationships and establishing godly boundaries for myself and others
my role in global and local missions
using what God has given me in order to glorify Him ($$$)

i definitely will need some prayer and encouragement.

have you ever fasted before?
what did God reveal to you during that time?

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