Monday, September 5, 2011

saying yes...

inspiration: Isaiah 26:8

i've written several blogs about how much of a control freak i am:

"Control Freaks Anonymous"
"my caveat for Christianity"

...and there are probably a handful more.

but as i grow more and more in maturity in my relationship with God, i realize just how much He has done in me over the last two years because i've been willing to die daily to myself and to surrender my plans in order that His will may be done in my life.

i finally buried the hatchet, so to speak, with some relationship struggles i had been having. once i realized that 1) i was in the wrong for idolizing someone and 2) coming to terms with the fact that God's thoughts and plans are much higher than my thoughts and plans, i found true peace. surrendering my desire for a relationship has truly opened doors for stepping out in faith.

Isaiah 26:8 (the keystone verse of the Passion ministry) states:
"Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your truth   we wait for you; your name and renown    are the desire of our hearts."
This verse has so much power and weight, i say this for several reasons:
1) waiting is hard
2) making God's will the desire of our hearts is hard.
3) being willing to say "Yes, Lord" not knowing what lies ahead is hard.

think about it:
a friend comes up to you and says, "Hey, Timmy, will you do me a favor?" You immediately say "Yes! I will do anything you ask me to do!" (and you're sincere in your response). Timmy could be asking something small of you, like for a dollar, or he may be asking something huge of you, like for a kidney. when you say "Yes" before you know the question, you have to deal with the repercussions of your response.

...but that's what God asks of us - the ability to trust and abide in Him, no matter the cost. saying "Yes" before we even know the question requires much surrender and much faith.

Rick Warren says this of surrender, though: "Surrender is best demonstrated in obedience" (The Purpose Driven Life, 80) and "Surrender doesn't weaken you; it strengthens you" (82).

if God has revealed ANYTHING to me in 2011, it has definitely been both of those principles.

saying "Yes" to a calling to go to Costa Rica - having never been out of the country, never serving on a mission trip, and knowing just enough Spanish to say "The cheese is my friend" - changed my life.

saying "Yes" to a job in Charleston - having never been to the city, leaving all my friends, family, and church behind, and leaving a friendship that i thought had the potential to turn into something more - has drawn me so much deeper to God.

saying "Yes" to God's command for me to surrender the desire in my heart to not date until i know that the person is my future husband (and to definitively not date for a year) - even though i desire few things more than having someone to spend my life with - has allowed me to put Jesus first in my life and to focus my energy on doing work for the Kingdom rather than seeking out other relationships.

saying "God, i'm sorry for putting another person on a pedestal that only You are worthy of. i give up the desire for a relationship to You. i know that if You have someone planned for me, You are fully capable of bringing them into my life on Your timetable" took a lot of guts for me. i thought i would come under spiritual attack and that i would feel weaker than i did, but God completely comforted me and has been faithful in drawing me nearer to Him.
"God opposes the proud
   but shows favor to the humble." (Proverbs 3:34)
When we are willing to say "Yes, Lord. No matter the cost." God will be faithful in fulfilling His will and promises to us.

What do you need to surrender to the Lord??

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