Sunday, August 14, 2011

#trending11 - heaven is for real.

inspiration: our new series "Trending" at Seacoast

i'm realllllly excited about our new series at church called "Trending"
if you see me tweeting during church, don't judge me - they want us to tweet ;)

i think i'm most excited about it because it will help give me biblical perspective about topics that are relevant to me today. i'm not into politics and rarely watch the news (mostly due to the busyness of my schedule), but i do know that i need to be up to date on current events. most times i feel like i live under a rock.

also, i'm not really Bible-savvy when it comes to a lot of gray area matters.
and i'm glad that Seacoast is stepping out and addressing such hot-topic issues!
it's easy to sit back and brush everything under the rug. but i want answers.
and we NEED answers to some of the hard questions!

this morning, our series was kicked off talking about Heaven.
we watched an interview with Pete Wilson and Todd and Colton Burpo. Colton had an out-of-body experience to Heaven during an emergency appendix surgery and his father, Todd, documented things that Colton revealed over the course of the following months and years after that experience. The result was Heaven Is For Real - it's an amazing book! (read my review on CrazyAsianOfCharleston here)

we were also challenged to think about what we imagine heaven to be like.
as a believer, i know that when i die, i'm going to go and be with Christ.
and death isn't something easy to think about and not something most of us are excited about or looking forward to in the least bit.

but it's also important for us to realize that this is not our home.

"Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things."
(Colossians 3:2)

we can't be excited about what eternity looks like if we don't think about it.

"You can't desire what you don't imagine" -@gregsurratt

like i said, i'm excited about this series and i can't wait to see what God will reveal to me through it :)

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