Monday, August 8, 2011

on mission. always.

inspiration: a conversation and a revelation.

i had a conversation the other night with brooke about mission trips.
and as i was sharing my heart, it was a great reminder from God that He has a purpose for me.

about a year and a half ago, i thought to myself, "good for jason and kerby (my friends who moved to Costa Rica to become missionaries). i could never do that."

but i went on my first mission trip to Costa Rica in January.
i'm going on another one in October to Washington state.

i'm hooked. i am blessed for those opportunities and i pray that God continues to provide the way for me to continue to serve Him in the future.
"i wish i was called to go on a mission trip," said Brooke.
"but you're being called to go teach in Korea. you're still serving Him." i responded.

maybe we're not all called to go on formal "mission trips" but we're always serving Him.
we're on mission. always.

i don't work in a typical "service" industry...
i'm not a teacher. or a doctor. or a nurse. or a lawyer.
i don't work in the medical field.
or ministry.
or with kids.
or with other people for that matter.

i'm a programmer.
by trade, i'm not really classified as a "people person" (although, i have sort of become one).
and last time i checked, there aren't many opportunities to evangelize in cubicles.

maybe God is calling me to "step out" and serve on "mission trips" because i would normally be "safe" tucked away in my cubicle in front of a computer screen.

what is He calling you to do?
maybe you are a teacher.
or doctor.
or lawyer.

or maybe you're a stay-at-home mom.
or a pastor.
or a cashier at the grocery story.
or a bank teller.

wherever God has called you to serve Him - serve Him with gladness!
we are always doing His work.
it may not be a formal "mission trip" - but we are called to constantly be on mission.

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