Monday, August 8, 2011

my friend the brookeface.

inspiration: my friend the brookeface.

then - 2007

now - 2011.

this past weekend, my BFF from college, brooke, came to visit me.
it began quite roughly as there was miscommunication regarding her flight to charleston; then her luggage didn't make it here until saturday. but despite all the road blocks, that we hit, including brooke losing her cell phone at the beach, we still had an amazing time.
we made more memories.
we laughed a lot.
we watched movies.
we hung out and talked.

i'm blessed to have bonded with such an awesome roomie and friend.

but friendships like brooke's don't just happen.
we have to be intentional about the relationships we're in.

over the past four years, our friendship has been through many tests.
we lived together for a year.
we were both in relationships.
we both had our hearts broken.
she studied abroad twice.
i now live two states away.

it's been rough.
even this weekend was rough at times.
we're completely different people.
but God brought us together so that we can build each other up.
friendships don't just happen - we have to be willing to tell each other the hard stuff but still love unconditionally.

that's what's brooke is teaching me still.

we are still working on communicating with each other, but i love that we are able to love each other unconditionally even though we are wired so differently.

God knew what he was doing pairing a crazy asian with a crazy caucasian in the year 2007 in Hand Village.

true story.

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