Wednesday, August 3, 2011

let the notes i choose be your favorite tune...

inspiration: needtobreathe.

i like music and i'm notorious for posting lyrics of my favorite songs as my twitter post or facebook status. but here's something else...i'm also notorious for hearing the words, posting the words, but not living the words.

i love needtobreathe.
they are a legit band who loves Christ.
their music is inspiring and fun and relevant!

but i've gotta be honest - i'm good at hearing their songs.
but how good am i at listening to their songs?

i am absolutely in love with Spotify.
i had to wait a few days for my invite in order to get the free version, but i love that i can literally just type in "needtobreathe" in the search bar and listen to all their albums on the spot for free. it's pretty cool.

well, the song "Garden" started playing.

Let the songs I sing bring joy to You
Let the words I say confess my love
Let the notes I choose be Your favorite tune
Father, let my heart be after You

it's such a simple song, but so powerful.
and as i began to really listen to the words, it dawned on me that i can post these words on my Facebook status. i can sing them in my car. i can hear the song over and over and over again.

but if i'm not listening to it and living out my faith in honor of these words, what's the point?

i'm pretty bad about singing songs that don't bring joy to God.
my words don't always confess my love.
my heart isn't always in pursuit of Christ, first and foremost in my life.

and i was convicted of this tonight.

i'm humbled to serve a God that knows how off-key i often am in my walk with Him.
but He loves me just the same.
His grace is enough for me.
His mercy is far greater than anything i will ever be able to comprehend.
and i want my life and the songs i bring to him reflect that.

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